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Representative publications

A full list of publications can be found at Fangqiong Ling's google scholar page

Wastewater-based epidemiology

Mantilla-Calderon, D., Huang, K. K., Li, A., Chibwe, K., Yu, X., Ye, Y., ... & Ling, F. (2022). Emerging investigator series: meta-analyses on SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA levels in wastewater and their correlations to epidemiological indicators. Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology. DOI:

Preprint version:

Zhang, L., Chen, L., Yu, X., Duvallet, C., Isazadeh, S., Dai, C., ... & Ling, F. (2022). MicrobiomeCensus estimates human population sizes from wastewater samples based on inter-individual variability in gut microbiomes. PLOS Computational Biology, 18(9), e1010472.

Drinking water microbiomes

Ling, F., Whitaker, R., LeChevallier, M. W., & Liu, W. T. (2018). Drinking water microbiome assembly induced by water stagnation. The ISME journal, 12(6), 1520. Featured in a collection of papers from The ISME Journal and Nature Microbiology for ISME17 meeting in Leipzig, Germany. Readers' Choice: Best of ISMEJ 2018. 

Ling, F., Hwang, C., LeChevallier, M. W., Andersen, G. L., & Liu, W. T. (2016). Core-satellite populations and seasonality of water meter biofilms in a metropolitan drinking water distribution system. The ISME journal, 10(3), 582. This is the largest study of water supply biofilm samples as of the publishing date. 

Lautenschlager, K., Hwang, C., Ling, F., Liu, W. T., Boon, N., Köster, O., ... & Hammes, F. (2014). Abundance and composition of indigenous bacterial communities in a multi-step biofiltration-based drinking water treatment plant. Water research, 62, 40-52.

Liu, G., Ling, F., Magic-Knezev, A., Liu, W. T., Verberk, J. Q. J. C., & Van Dijk, J. C. (2013). Quantification and identification of particle-associated bacteria in unchlorinated drinking water from three treatment plants by cultivation-independent methods. Water research, 47(10), 3523-3533.

Hwang, C.+, Ling, F.+, Andersen, G. L., LeChevallier, M. W., & Liu, W. T. (2012). Microbial community dynamics of an urban drinking water distribution system subjected to phases of chloramination and chlorination treatments. Applied and environmental microbiology, AEM-01892. [+ co-first authorship]

Freshwater ecology

Liu, Z., Zhang, L., Knouft, J. H., & Ling, F. (2022). Meter-scale variation within a single transect demands attention to taxon accumulation curves in riverine microbiome studies. Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering, 16(5), 1-11.


Aquatic biofilms 

Ling, F., & Liu, W. T. (2013). Impact of chloramination on the development of laboratory-grown biofilms fed with filter-pretreated groundwater. Microbes and environments, 28(1), 50-57.

Janjaroen, D., Ling, F., Monroy, G., Derlon, N., Mogenroth, E., Boppart, S. A., ... & Nguyen, T. H. (2013). Roles of ionic strength and biofilm roughness on adhesion kinetics of Escherichia coli onto groundwater biofilm grown on PVC surfaces. Water research, 47(7), 2531-2542.

Hwang, C., Ling, F., Andersen, G. L., LeChevallier, M. W., & Liu, W. T. (2012). Evaluation of methods for the extraction of DNA from drinking water distribution system biofilms. Microbes and environments, 27(1), 9-18.

Microbial ecology of wastewater treatment processes 

Wu, L., Ning, D., Zhang, B., Li, Y., Zhang, P., Shan, X., Zhang, Q., Brown, M., Li, Z., Van Nostrand, J.D., Ling, F., ... & Zhou, J. (2019). Global diversity and biogeography of bacterial communities in wastewater treatment plants. Nature Microbiology, 4(7), 1183-1195.

Perspectives and Editorials 

Ling, F., & Hornbuckle, K. C. (2022). Environmental Engineers Addressing the Grand Challenges of the 21st Century. ACS Environmental Au, 2(3), 176-177.

Hull, N.M., Ling, F., Pinto, A.J., Albertsen, M., Jang, H.G., Hong, P.Y., Konstantinidis, K.T., LeChevallier, M., Colwell, R.R. , & Liu, W.T. (2019). Drinking Water Microbiome Project: Is it Time?. Trends in microbiology. 27(8), 670-677. 

Ling, F. (2017). Microbial communities as biosensors for monitoring urban environments. Microbial biotechnology, 10(5), 1149-1151.

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