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Upcoming seminars:  

Science in STL, on Wednesday, November 11, 7 p.m. - 8 p.m., via Zoom. Follow the Academy's twitter to find out more. 

Living Earth Collaborative Seminar, December 3, 4 p.m. - 5 p.m., via Youtube

Lab News: 

  • 2020.10  Fanqiong received the 2020 Rising Star Award from IWA/ISME Biocluster. Read the IWA coverage here

  • 2020.7    Fangqiong started as an Associate Editor for Water Research. 

  • 2020.5    Wendy Zhang joined us as an Undergraduate Researcher! Welcome, Wendy! 

  • 2020.5    Yi Liu defended her Master of Science thesis! Yi will start her Ph.D. study at Lehigh University in the coming Fall semester. Congrats Yi!

  • 2020.3    Fangqiong will be speaking at the Women in STEM symposium at Siegel Hall. 

  • 2020.1    Ulysses Atkeson started as an Undergraduate Researcher in Ling Lab. Welcome, Ulysses!

  • 2020.1    Fangqiong gave a seminar at MIZZOU on 1/31. 

  • 2019. 12 Fangqiong gave a seminar at Peking University on 12/30.

  • 2019. 12 Fangqiong gave a seminar at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Northwestern University on 12/6.

  • 2019. 11 Fangqiong gave a seminar at the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences at Notre Dame University on 11/11.

  • 2019. 11 Fangqiong gave an invited talk titled "Process-based and data-driven approach to model the drinking water microbiome" at the Banbury Conference "Microbiology of the Built Environment" at the Cold Spring Harbor Lab.

  • 2019. 10 Fangqiong started a courtesy appointment at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. We now accept Ph.D. applications from the Division of Computational and Data Science. To learn more about this unique transdisciplinary graduate education opportunity at Washinton University bridging AI to Public Health and Social Science, read the program structure here

  • 2019. 10 Lin Zhang gave her first conference presentation at the Mid-America Environmental Engineering Conference held at the University of Missouri. Congrats, Lin!

  • 2019. 10 We moved into our new lab in Green Hall!

  • 2019. 8   Our collaborative perspective paper "Drinking water microbiome project: is it time?" on Trends in Microbiology is online now! Read the article here

  • 2019. 8   Fangqiong teaches a new class, EECE407 Environmental Biotechnology.

  • 2019. 8   Our friend Ran Mei from Liu Lab at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign gave a workshop on metagenomics data analysis. 

  • 2019. 7   Dr. Jing Xu accepted a position as a Data Engineer at the Vanguard Group. Congrats, Jing! 

  • 2019. 5   Fangqiong received a Powe Award for Junior Faculty Enhancement from ORAU. Read more about the award story here.

  • 2019. 5   We received a Living Earth Collaborative Seed Grant together with our collaborator Dr. Jason Knouft from Saint Louis University to study the microbiomes of freshwater fish! Read more about the project here.

  • 2019. 5   We received a Collaboration Initiation Grant together with our collaborator Dr. Jennie Kwon from the School of Medicine to study the microbiome of aquatic biofilms in ICU! Read more about the project here.

  • 2019. 5   Fangqiong gave a talk and moderates a Cyberspace session at the AEESP conference in Arizona.

  • 2019. 5   Yi Liu starts her Master of Science thesis work with us. Onward, Yi!

  • 2019. 5   Bingdi Liu joins us as a research intern. Welcome, Bingdi!

  • 2019. 5   Sahil Jain from IIT Gandhinagar starts his undergraduate summer research with us! Welcome, Sahil!

  • 2019. 5   EECE undergraduate student Jack Schumacher starts a summer project with us. Welcome, Jack Schu!

  • 2019. 5   Lin Zhang passed her qualifying exam! Congrats, Lin! You hit a milestone!

  • 2019. 4   Fangqiong’s paper is selected as one of the Editor’s Choice Best of 2018 by ISMEJ! Read the article here

  • 2019. 3   Our collaborative paper on the biogeography of microbial communities behind the global wastewater treatment bioprocesses on Nature Microbiology is online now! Read the article here

  • 2019. 3   Fangqiong gave an invited talk at the Hot Water Forum of the American Council of Energy-Efficient Economy Conference in Nashville.

  • 2019. 2   We hosted a "Women in STEM Day" with the Society of Women Engineers. We really enjoyed spending time with our visitors, who are middle-school and high-school girls who are interested in STEM. They are from Camdenton High School, Clayton High School, Columbia High School, Eureka, Fort Zumwalt East, Fort Zumwalt North, Francis Howell, Jennings HighSchool, John Burroughs, Lafayette High School, Lindenbergh Highschool, Marty Warren, MICDS, Northwest Highschool, Rockwood Summit, St. Charles West, STEAMBOTs Academy, Tanja Robinson, Timberland, Unionville Highschool, and Westminster Christian Academy.

  • 2019. 1   Fangqiong teaches a new class, EECE435 Environmental Data Science.

  • 2018. 8   We start at Washington University in St. Louis!

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